Phish Alpharetta, GA Posters

This past weekend, Phish performed two nights of sold out shows at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park in Alpharetta, GA, and we were thrilled to design a diptych poster set for the gig. While the two brontosauruses depicted might not be native residents of Georgia, they are enjoying the state’s famous peaches as they face off against each other. 

Each poster is an 18” x 24” four color screen print on French Construction Cement Green paper with a super limited artist edition of 50 available for sale. Check out a video documenting the design process below as well as our initial sketch and close up photos of the finished prints. The two posters are now available in the DKNG store.

Initial Concept Sketch

Close Up Shots

Process Video

The DKNG Show (EP. 5)

Episode 5 of the DKNG Show on Adventures In Design is now up! The DKNG Show is a bimonthly peek behind the curtain of everything happening in our world.

Listen to the first half for free below. Become a member of the Circle Of Trust to hear the full episode as well as see the latest projects we've been working on!

Cyclist Art Print Series

Our latest art print series has rolled into town and this time we’re featuring the wide world of bicycles! The new Cyclist Series of art prints depicts five different bicycles each in its own environment and featuring its own unique accessories. Each print is a 20” x 16” four-color screen print on 100lb French Paper cover stock. The series is comprised of Mesa (road bike), Durango (mountain bike), Downtown (fixie), Venice (guy’s beach cruiser), and Malibu (girl’s beach cruiser). Check out additional images of the prints below, our initial sketches, as well as a process video documenting the creation of the prints.




Downtown art print by DKNG



Initial Concept Sketches

Process Video

DKNG Enamel Pins

New to the DKNG Store are our first ever enamel pins! The three new pins include the Camper, Rocketeer, and Cyclist. These one-inch soft enamel pins each feature a unique die cast metal finish and include a heavy duty rubber backing clasp to ensure a secure fit. The pins are available individually for $10 or as a set of three for $25. Check out closeup photos of the sparkling pins below to get an idea of how sharp you’ll look sporting one of these on your lapel.

Camper Pin

Rocketeer Pin

Cyclist Pin

Bank of America Student Survival Guide

It’s that time of year again when freshman head off to college for the first time. To help them out, we worked with Bank of America on an Instagram-based ad campaign featuring 15 illustrated tips for students as they embark on their college career. One challenge of the project was to strike a playful tone without feeling like the ads were directed to children as opposed to college students. The solution came in depicting students as both humans and animals interacting with each in some typical and not-so-typical campus situations. The full series of ads appears below along with a few of our initial sketches and mockups. You can also check out the campaign on Bank of America’s Instagram and Facebook channels. 

Bank of America Illustration by DKNG

Concept Sketches

Client Mockup

Dave Matthews Band Gorge Poster

Dave Matthews Band is wrapping up their 25th Anniversary tour and we were thrilled to bookend the run with posters for the first show in Charlottesville, VA, and now the final stop of the tour at the Gorge Amphitheater in Washington. The band’s original tour van makes its return in the artwork, this time surrounded by the beautiful scenery of George, Washington. 

The poster is a 24” x 18” four-color screen print on 100 lb French Kraft-Tone Index Off-White paper. Check out our initial sketch below along with closeup shots of the finished print, which is now available in the DKNG store.

Initial Concept Sketch

Layer-by-Layer Color Separations

Dave Matthews Band poste by DKNG

Close Up Shots

Grand Canyon National Park Poster

We’re excited to announce the release of our Grand Canyon National Park poster as part of the Fifty-Nine Parks poster series celebrating all of America’s National Parks. Since the Grand Canyon is such an iconic park and has been depicted in so many different ways, we wanted to capture a unique perspective of the Colorado River winding through the canyon, with a kayaker included to lend a sense of the vast scale of the park. 

The poster is an 18” x 24” four color screen print on 100 lb. French Construction Pure White paper and is part of an open edition. Check out our initial sketch of the poster below, close-up photos of the finished print, and an interview with Fifty-Nine Parks where we share our thoughts on the project. The Grand Canyon National Park poster is now available in the DKNG Store.

Initial Concept Sketch



Tell us about where the DKNG story begins.
DKNG’s collaboration began in high school when Dan and I played in a band together. We started designing our own album artwork, flyers, and posters. Years later when we were both in college in Los Angeles, we had the opportunity to design a few concert posters for the Troubadour. They liked our work and we went on to create dozens of posters for them. After various other jobs, we both eventually came on board as full time DKNG employees and we just celebrated our 10 year anniversary as a company.

What is it about screen printed posters that gets you stoked?
We spend so much time on our computers, it’s nice to work in a very analog medium. We got started printing our own posters by hand, and it was always a welcome activity to be able to see our designs come to life as we printed them. We also love the fact that no two screen prints are the same, and the fact that the process includes some natural variation makes it feel much more like a craft than other more industrial forms of printing. The National Parks have such a rich history of posters and so many have iconic landmarks, they really lend themselves well to being showcased in a larger than life way.

Can you talk about any sources of inspiration for your Grand Canyon print?
When thinking about the Grand Canyon, we knew we wanted to convey the vastness of the park while also showing a perspective that hadn’t been seen on every souvenir postcard. We were inspired by all the fun activities that are available in the park and decided that a sole kayaker would be a good way to give a sense of scale to the print.

What's your favorite National Park?
Dan and I have only really been to a handful of National Parks. I know Dan likes Yellowstone because of the hot springs and geysers, which are pretty unique to that park. However, he has a new appreciation for The Grand Canyon, especially having the experience of flying over the park on a commercial flight. It’s just so breathtakingly huge.

What makes National Parks equally as rad as posters?
The National Parks have such a rich history of posters and so many have iconic landmarks, they really lend themselves well to being showcased in a larger than life way, since so many have features that feel dreamlike, or like they might exist in a fantasy world.

What's one tip you'd offer for working in illustrator?
I would say the most unique and helpful tool we used when creating this print was Opacity Masks. There’s a lot of texture going on in every color and this tool came in hand when needing to fade textures from being fully opaque to semi transparent using gradients. Over all it helped make the ambiance of the print feel more painterly and less like a vector collage.

How about a tip on running a small design business?
It’s easy to get pigeonholed into being the guys that do a certain kind of work, so we like to mix it up and use our business to pursue several different types of projects. We always recommend that designers put forth the type of work that they’d like to be hired for, rather than the type of work you’ve done in the past, which will likely lead to more of the same.

Close Up Shots

The DKNG Show (EP. 4)

Episode 4 of the DKNG Show on Adventures In Design is now up! The DKNG Show is a bimonthly peek behind the curtain of everything happening in our world.

Listen to the first half for free below. Become a member of the Circle Of Trust to hear the full episode as well as see the latest projects we've been working on!

Mastering Illustrator: Our Brand New Skillshare Class

We’re thrilled to share our latest class which is out now! It’s a 40-minute class detailing our favorite Adobe Illustrator tricks of the trade that we use for a fast and efficient workflow. The class includes specific examples from our work with Star Wars, Back to the Future, SXSW, as well as personal design projects, and covers everything from simple keyboard shortcuts to more complex visuals like pattern strokes and vector halftones. Whether you're just starting out with Illustrator or have been using the software for some time, we hope you’ll find our tips will provide some new tools for increased efficiency and enhance your creative process.

Almanac Beer Co. Cans

Almanac Beer Co. Can Design by DKNG

Last year we had the opportunity to design a series of limited edition fresh beer bottles for San Francisco's Almanac Beer Co. Almanac's "Farm to Barrel" process takes advantage of local, seasonal ingredients and has landed them on the map as one of the fastest growing breweries on the west coast. We were thrilled to work with Almanac again on their first venture into canned beer. Each beer's isometric illustration focuses on part of the beer making process - from the orange groves and wheat fields of California, to the brewery, and the city of San Francisco itself. Almanac's Fresh Beer cans are now available in Whole Foods stores throughout California and coming soon to a state near you.   

"I first partnered with Nathan and Dan on the design and branding of our 22oz Fresh Beer Limited product line back in 2015. The rollout was very successful and the response to the new branding was intense and immediate. We were onto something. For 2016, we had an exciting new canned six-pack lineup coming out, so I figured it was a great opportunity to expand on our prior success and further evolve the visual language we had developed. 

I wanted the cans to be bold, inviting and contemporary—but I also wanted to honor the long legacy of iconic beer brands that came before us. I couldn't be happier with the results. Nathan and Dan crushed my expectations and based on the early response, I think we're going to have another rousing success in our hands."

Damian Fagan
Co-Founder / CEO
Almanac Beer Co.


Craft Pilsner

Almanac Beer Co. Can Design by DKNG

"Almanac’s Craft Pilsner is a crisp, dry-hopped lager that provides a West Coast twist on the traditional German style. Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe, and Mandarina Bavaria hops provide a melon and citrus nose backed by 100% Pilsner malt. This beer is crushable, always begging for another sip and pairs well with sushi, outdoor grilling and tames spicy Thai and Mexican dishes."


San Francisco IPA

Almanac Beer Co. Can Design by DKNG

"This West Coast IPA features an explosive aroma of citrus, tropical fruit and dankness from a blend of Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe, Hallertau Blanc and El Dorado hops. Intensely hoppy without overt bitterness, a light malt backbone balances this IPA, giving it a clean finish and making it a beer to be enjoyed again and again. Inspired by San Francisco but brewed to be enjoyed everywhere. Enjoy with super burritos, hangtown fry, and rich copping."


Saison Dolores

Almanac Beer Co. Can Design by DKNG

"This California spin on a saison highlights tropical and floral aromas. An expressive fermentation provides hints of pineapple and white pepper, while a dry-hop of Mosaic and Hallertau Blanc doubles down on tropical aromas of mango and passionfruit. Enjoy this aromatic farmhouse ale with earthy mushroom dishes, funky washed-rind cheeses and al pastor street tacos."



Almanac Beer Co. Can Design by DKNG

"Mandarina’s tart and citrusy profile makes it the perfect beer for warm, sunny days. The combination of crisp tartness, tangerines and the citrus aromas of Mandarina Bavaria and Citra hops puts this farmhouse ale’s fruity aroma over the top. Pair this summer sipper with a day at the beach, fresh seafood and citrus-infused desserts."


Behind The Scenes

What began as rough ideas and initial sketches (see below) eventually transformed into ink swatches, box mockups, press checks, and finally canning and boxing of the finished product. For more insight into the process, check out our appearance on the Adventures in Design podcast episode 395 (player below).