The DKNG Show (EP. 12)

Episode 12 of the DKNG Show on Adventures In Design is now up! The DKNG Show is a bimonthly peek behind the curtain of everything happening in our world.

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The DKNG Show (EP. 11)

Today on Adventures In Design Podcast, it’s a surprise episode of The DKNG Show! We just couldn’t wait for our regular bimonthly time slot, so we’re back today to talk Skillshare, poster illustration process, the new #CircleofTrash and a whole lot more!

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Our New Skillshare Class: Adobe Illustrator Secrets

Here it is! We’re very excited to finally share with you our NEW Skillshare class, with five more of our favorite Adobe Illustrator Tips and Tricks! In this 40-minute class, we walk through real DKNG projects from Star Wars to Ghostbusters, to demonstrate how you can create dimensional effects that pop off the page. From simple tools like gradients and clipping masks to custom brushes and envelopes, we’ll cover how to use Illustrator in a whole new way. Join free with a 2-month Skillshare trial by clicking the link below.

Our New Skillshare Class: Illustrating An Icon Set

We're excited to share our latest class which is now live! In this class you'll learn to design a cohesive icon series, inspired by your favorite movies. The idea behind the class was sparked by our poster celebrating Paramount Pictures’ 100th Anniversary, in which we designed 100 unique icons representing a movie from each year of the studio's history.

From sketching and concept development to final execution, we'll share how to distill complex subject matter into recognizable small-scale designs. You’ll learn how to:

  • Use reference imagery to simplify a complex subject into a single image
  • Create a limited color palette that works across a series
  • Establish design rules to ensure consistency across your image set

From small-scale projects like buttons and pins to professional branding work where consistency is key, students will leave this class with an arsenal of design tools to utilize again and again. This class joins more than 10,000 classes on Skillshare, an online learning community where anyone can discover, enroll, or even teach a class in design, entrepreneurship, and more.

Mastering Illustrator: Our Brand New Skillshare Class

We’re thrilled to share our latest class which is out now! It’s a 40-minute class detailing our favorite Adobe Illustrator tricks of the trade that we use for a fast and efficient workflow. The class includes specific examples from our work with Star Wars, Back to the Future, SXSW, as well as personal design projects, and covers everything from simple keyboard shortcuts to more complex visuals like pattern strokes and vector halftones. Whether you're just starting out with Illustrator or have been using the software for some time, we hope you’ll find our tips will provide some new tools for increased efficiency and enhance your creative process.

Bison Art Print

For those that caught a glimpse of our most recent class, Illustration for Designers, we took a step by step look at our process of illustrating a geometrically styled animal. We chose to illustrate a Bison face for the class, and that illustration is now available as an art print in the DKNG store. Bison is a 16” x 20” three-color art print on 100 lb. French Speckletone Cream paper. The print marks the introduction to our new line of smaller, 16” x 20” art prints that are the perfect size for any wall. Bison is also our first print to combine both halftone dots and dither dots in a single print for a unique combination of textures. Check out our initial sketch below as well as closeup photos of the new printing method. You can learn about the process behind the print and how to create your own geometric animal at


Original Sketch

Close Up Shots

New Illustration Class

Our new class on is now live! Illustration for Designers is an in-depth look at how we use Adobe Illustrator to create geometric illustrations. Learn practical ways to simplify complex forms, create unified compositions, and style with restraint. Then, put it all into practice with a fun creative project: sketching and illustrating an animal. This class is perfect for practiced illustrators, emerging designers, and everyone looking to improve their Adobe Illustrator skills.