Packaging Design

WALL-E Enamel Pins

We recently had the honor of designing officially licensed pins for one of our all-time favorite Pixar movies, WALL-E. The 4 part pin series celebrates some of our favorite robotic characters from the movie. These hard enamel pins all feature a bit of glitter ink detail and were produced by our friends at Mondo as part of a limited edition. You can purchase them at while supplies last. We will also have a very small amount for sale at this year's upcoming Designer Con.

USPS Military Working Dogs Postage Stamps

Photo Credit: Journey Group

It’s truly an honor to have been asked by the U.S. Postal Service to design and illustrate a set of postage stamps, and we’re thrilled that our Military Working Dogs stamps are out in the world as of their first day of issue - August 1, 2019. We had the pleasure of working with Greg Breeding and his team at Journey Group to bring these stamps to life. They feature four highly skilled breeds of working dogs: German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, Belgian Malinois, and Dutch Shepherd. Some of these breeds may be more common than others, but we’ve come to learn that dogs within each breed are important partners and companions to both members of the military, and police officers who work with these animals everyday. The outpouring of recognition and gratitude from these service members, now having a stamp to represent their partners, has been moving and humbling.

The stamps themselves include a gold metallic ink, and are available in books of 20, and for a limited time you can also purchase related memorabilia from USPS including first day of issue postmarked envelopes. The stamps also appeared in the postal services official magazine and catalog, USA Philatelic. You can find that article below, along with images of the stamps, including some of our initial concept sketches. We’ll also be attending the release ceremony for the stamps at the San Diego branch of USPS on August 30, 2019. Stay tuned for more details.

Concept Sketches

Individual Postage Stamps

Stamp Booklet

Photo Credit: Journey Group

Booklet Cover

Stamp Sheet

USA Philatelic Article

Almanac Beer Co. Basecamp Imperial Pilsner

Basecamp Imperial Pilsner is Almanac’s latest fresh beer release, and is the first Almanac can to be included in the Lazy Dog Beer Club. Each quarter Lazy Dog Restaurants release a themed pack of limited edition beers. We were tapped to create a label design for their Bushcraft themed set, taking the subject of the outdoors and camping as the inspiration for the design.

Initial Concept Sketch

Photography by Almanac Beer Co.

Sunshine & Opportunity

Sunshine & Opportunity is one of Almanac’s most popular barrel aged sours, now making an appearance in a can for the first time. The name is inspired by the California gold rush, so we wanted the can to be extra sparkly but more importantly, to feel like the sun was shining directly on the can, complete with casting shadows. Incorporating a spectrum of color also helped give it a fun bright sunshiny look. Amazing photography provided by Almanac Beer Co.

Green Wheel Playing Card Photography by Wonderful Mystical

Our friend Ferdinand Göldner, aka Wonderful Mystical, first came to our attention when he photographed our Blue Wheel Playing Cards. Since then we’ve hired Ferdinand to capture many of our products, and most recently he took it upon himself to take some awesome photos of our Green Wheel Playing Cards. Check out more of Ferdinand’s work at

Almanac Beer Co. True Kölsch

The latest addition to Almanac’s core line of year round beers is True Kölsch. As a classic beer style, we wanted this label to take on a timeless, understated appeal. We found that the combination of white, gold, and navy leant the packaging that classic bright and minimal feel of beers of the past. Check out True Kölsch wherever Almanac beers are sold. Photography by Almanac Beer Co.

Almanac Beer Co. Fruit Cobbler

The much anticipated followup to our original Nectarine Cobbler beer label, for Almanac’s Fruit Cobbler, a whole bunch of larger than life blueberries joined the fun, and we also added new metallic elements to the label giving it some extra shimmer. With much of our packaging work sticking to aluminum cans, it was fun to revisit one of our favorite bottle shapes for this barrel aged sour. 

DKNG + Mondo Official Gremlins Pin Set

As children of the ‘80s, we grew up with the movie Gremlins and were thrilled to partner with Mondo to produce an officially licensed set of three enamel pins commemorating the movie. The series includes Gizmo in three iconic scenes including Showtime (Gizmo sings for the first time while playing the piano), Uh Oh (Gizmo hiding inside the motorcycle helmet), and Beep Beep (Gizmo behind the wheel in the Malibu Barbie toy convertible).

The Gremlins soft enamel pins all include a copper die cast finish, and heavy duty rubber backing clasps. Available individually or as of set of three at a special rate. Check out photos of the pins below by the talented Wonderful Mystical. The Gremlins pins are now available in the DKNG Store

Initial Concept Sketches


Uh Oh

Beep Beep

Blue Wheel Playing Card Photography by Wonderful Mystical

We’re always keeping an eye out for great photography of our products, and one day came across these photos on Instagram and were immediately smitten. German photographer Ferdinand Göldner, aka Wonderful Mystical, is a big fan of playing card art and crafted a beautiful backdrop for our Blue Wheel Playing Cards in his photography below. Since then we’ve hired Ferdinand to capture many of our newest products, like our Universal Monsters enamel pins. Stay tuned for more wonderfully mystical work from Ferdinand as we continue to partner with him in the future.

DKNG ‘Black Wheel’ Playing Cards

Just in time for Black Friday is our new deck of Black Wheel Playing Cards! They’re the same great quality as the originals, manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company, and with a fresh new color palette. With the help of our friends Dan & Dave at Art of Play, we designed a completely original deck from the tuck case to the face cards and everything in between, now available in your choice of black, red, blue, or green. The tuck case includes an embossed black-on-black foil stamp on thick kraft paper and a new complementary color palette for the cards. These are standard Poker size playing cards with an air-cushion finish, just like the Bicycle cards you’re used to from the U.S. Playing Card Co. Check out closeup images of the cards below. ‘Black Wheel’ decks are now available in the DKNG Store.