WALL-E Enamel Pins

We recently had the honor of designing officially licensed pins for one of our all-time favorite Pixar movies, WALL-E. The 4 part pin series celebrates some of our favorite robotic characters from the movie. These hard enamel pins all feature a bit of glitter ink detail and were produced by our friends at Mondo as part of a limited edition. You can purchase them at mondotees.com while supplies last. We will also have a very small amount for sale at this year's upcoming Designer Con.

The DKNG Show (EP. 22)

Episode 22 of the DKNG Show on Adventures In Design is now up!

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Official Disney Mickey Mouse Enamel Pin

Being asked to create an officially licensed pin for Disney is an enormous honor. We make it a goal of ours to always visit the enamel pin displays at the Disney Parks in our home state of California, and are always taken aback by the enormous body of work one company has offered to the world of pins. To be specifically asked to create a pin for Mickey Mouse is on a whole other level.

It’s a double-edged sword, re-interpreting an already iconic and perfect design. We didn’t want to steer too far away from Disney’s artistic expression but also wanted to put our own personal spin on the classic character. We pride ourselves on finding the hidden geometry in all aspects of design and illustration, and it’s clear that Mickey is built with a number of geometric shapes.

Just draw three perfect circles and most people will be able to see the vague resemblance of Mickey's head and ears. We took this notion and applied it to our process. Our goal was to celebrate what makes Mickey classic, using a recognizable pose and color scheme, while celebrating the geometry and line work that would otherwise be hidden. We hope we did Mickey justice. It’s the least we could do for such a handsome nonagenarian on his birthday.

Our Mickey Mouse enamel pin will be available tomorrow, February 8 at 12pm Central, exclusively at MondoTees.com