The DKNG Show (EP. 8)

Episode 8 of the DKNG Show on Adventures In Design is now up! The DKNG Show is a bimonthly peek behind the curtain of everything happening in our world.

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Mondo Spider-verse Poster

After years in the making, we're excited to unveil our most recent collaboration with Mondo - two posters cataloging the history of the Spider-verse and the many incarnations of Spider-men, women, and characters that have existed throughout the history of the franchise. Both posters are timed editions that go on sale on Thursday, March 23, at 10am CST exclusively through the Mondo web store. The sale runs until Sunday, March 26, at 10am CST. The number of prints purchased during the three day sale will determine the edition size.

The regular edition (yellow) and variant edition (blue) each feature their own unique groupings of 64 characters from the Spider-verse with 75 unique characters across both posters. The regular edition is a seven color 24" x 36" screen print while the variant edition adds an eighth color and is also 24" x 36". Check out the video below introducing the posters as well as a gallery of all the Spideys below. You can also check out Alamo Drafthouse's blog Birth. Movies. Death. for an in depth look at the creation of the posters.

Introduction Video

Spider-verse Gallery

Click on the images below to get a close up look at any Spidey suit.

DKNG on Episode 167 of Adventures In Design

Dan Kuhlken of DKNG is on another episode of Adventures In Design today. We play the Summer Movie Game Entertainment Weekly where Dan goes up against film/tv gurus Sean Mort and Mark Brickey. The stakes are high, valued at $300 per person to be exact, and we bet on this summer’s box office grosses.

Things get a bit more serious in the Circle Of Trust, where we talk about our mutual love for Squarespace and the street artist Space Invader.

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