Dave Matthews Band Gorge Poster

Dave Matthews Band is wrapping up their 25th Anniversary tour and we were thrilled to bookend the run with posters for the first show in Charlottesville, VA, and now the final stop of the tour at the Gorge Amphitheater in Washington. The band’s original tour van makes its return in the artwork, this time surrounded by the beautiful scenery of George, Washington. 

The poster is a 24” x 18” four-color screen print on 100 lb French Kraft-Tone Index Off-White paper. Check out our initial sketch below along with closeup shots of the finished print, which is now available in the DKNG store.

Initial Concept Sketch

Layer-by-Layer Color Separations

Dave Matthews Band poste by DKNG

Close Up Shots

Robot Art Print

New to the DKNG store, “Robot” is an 18” x 24” three color art print with a limited edition of 200 on French Speckletone Madero Beach paper. This music-fueled robot will make the perfect addition to children’s nurseries and recording studios alike.

Check out the original Primus blog post for some additional information on this design including a process video showing the behind the scenes creation of the poster. Below you’ll find close up photos of the prints, which are now available in the DKNG store while supplies last.


Close up shots

The Black Keys Poster

During this year's Flatstock at Austin's SXSW a guy walked into our booth and asked if we would be interested in doing a poster for his band. It's a pretty common question, but what came out of it was a pretty amazing opportunity for us. When I asked more, he explained that he manages The Black Keys. At that moment I was doing my best to stay as professional possible, but on the inside I felt like a little kid. We're HUGE fans of The Black Keys to say the least and were thrilled with the prospect of creating a poster for them. The poster we created is a three color screen print and has a limited edition of 275. Below is a little video going over our process from design to printing, which is followed by close up shots of the print.

Process Video

Close Up Shots