311 Southern California Posters

311 Poster (March 5, 2016)

311 Poster (March 6, 2016)

As high school kids growing up in San Diego, 311 was part of the regular rotation of bands playing on our car stereos. Now over a decade later we’re excited to debut two new posters for the band’s upcoming shows in San Diego and Indio, California. Fans of the band will know that every year, March 11, is known as 311 Day, with these two shows serving as the lead up to the big day.

Each posters is an 18” x 24” three color screen print on Classic Crest Cream 110 lb. stock. There’s also a variant edition on rainbow foil, and a super limited run of uncut sheets - 36” x 24” prints including both posters. Check out our initial sketches as well as a process video and closeup photos of the finished prints below. These 311 posters are now available in the DKNG Store.

Foil Variants

311 Poster (March 5, 2016 Foil Variant)

311 Poster (March 6, 2016 Foil Variant)

Uncut Sheet

311 Poster (Uncut Sheet)

Process Video

Initial Concept Sketches

Client Proposal

Close Up Shots

Pemberton Music Festival Poster

This past weekend the Pemberton Music Festival took British Columbia by storm and we teamed up with the festival to create a poster showcasing the amazing roster of artists that performed. Pemberton takes place in a unique location among the trees and towering mountains of Whistler, so we used the scenery to inspire a unique treehouse environment for the festival to take shape. The print is an 18” x 24” five color screen print on Cougar Natural 100 lb paper with an edition size of 550. Check out our initial sketch below as well as close up photos of the finished print. The poster is now available in the DKNG Store.

Initial Concept Sketch

Close Up Shots

Doritos Art Print

Last year we had the privilege of working on a project for one of America’s most beloved brands…Doritos. The team at Doritos was looking for a fun way to thank their loyal fans throughout the country, and tapped DKNG to make a limited edition Doritos themed art print that would be sent out to their select group of product testers. The print features a vintage Doritos delivery truck navigating an environment made entirely of Doritos products. The print is a five color screen print on French Speckletone Madero Beach. The print is sadly not available for sale to the public, but you can check out our process video of the making of the print as well as our initial sketch and close up photos below.


Process Video

Concept Sketch

Close Up Shots

Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Live in San Francisco

It’s been seven years since Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals have performed together, and we were honored to create a poster series for their inaugural shows of 2015. The band will be touring throughout the year and kicked off their first four-night run at San Francisco’s historic Fillmore. We were inspired by the animalistic power of the band’s music and chose one animal to represent each night’s show, towering over the bay area’s landscape. 

Each poster is a 12” x 24” five-color screen print on French Speckletone Madero Beach. Check out some close up photos of the finished posters below as well as our initial sketches. We also created a process video for the project complete with a glimpse into the printing process at Monolith Press. These posters are now available in the DKNG Store. We will also be releasing an art print series of each animal illustration in the coming months.


Process Video

Concept Sketch

Final Designs

Close Up Shots

Telescope Art Print

It's that moment you've all been waiting for. A couple months back we created a gig poster for Explosions in the Sky, and we mentioned that we would be coming out with an art print version of the poster shortly after. Well, as promised, above is the art print entitled Telescope.

The 24"x18" two color screen print has an edition of 200 and is now available in our online store.

Below are some close up shots of the the physical print.