Creative Works Skill Camp

A few years ago we had the pleasure of spending a few days in Memphis for the Creative Works conference, so we were excited to be invited back for their first ever Skill Camp, to lead a two-day immersive workshop covering our entire poster design and illustration process. It was a bit daunting to plan for a longer format session, but it was a fun challenge and even more fun to see the participants’ projects come to life over the course of the two days. We were blown away by the work that came out of the workshop and are thrilled to share some of the projects that were created here on the blog. Thanks to Josh and all of our students for making this a truly unforgettable and incredibly rewarding trip!

Workshop Photos

Student Projects

AIGA Y24 Design Conference

AIGA Y24 Conference

We’re just one week away from AIGA San Diego’s Y24 Design Conference where we’ll be speaking on the topic of what happens when we say YES! The conference takes place March 8-9 in our hometown of San Diego and includes lots of great speakers and workshops. Last minute registration is still available while spots last! Awesome conference branding by Kristine Arth.

DKNG x Adobe 99U Conference

Last week we had the pleasure of attending our first Adobe 99u Conference and we had a blast, both as attendees and teaching our workshop on Creative Collaboration. Although the 90-minute workshop flew by, we were blown away by the creativity and quick thinking exhibited by all the participants. You can see a few of the completed projects below along with a few other shots from our week in NYC. Thanks to everyone at Adobe for hosting us and to all the amazing participants in our workshop. Hope to see you next year! 

DKNG Workshop at the Adobe 99u Conference

We're excited to join this year's Adobe 99u Conference in New York City, to lead a workshop on creative collaboration and how we work together as a team. Registration for the conference is now open and our workshop takes place on Friday, May 11, at Lincoln Center in NYC. Visit the 99u conference website to learn more. See you there!  

DKNG + Adobe MAX Collaborative Poster

We’ll be creating a limited edition poster that our friends at Mama’s Sauce will be screenprinting live at Adobe MAX in October, and we want you to collaborate with us using Adobe Shape CC. We’ll be using some of the contributed artwork in a final poster design with the theme of “What inspires you to create?”

Visit the Adobe website for complete entry instructions. Mama’s Sauce will print a limited edition of 3,500 of these posters which will be available at Adobe MAX on October 5th, or shipped directly to you if you’re one of the first 100 people to submit a shape. In fact, we’ll be live printing one of the colors onsite at MAX, so if you’re attending, you can print your own copy on the spot!

DKNG at Adobe Creative Jam Los Angeles

Thanks to all that came out to Adobe’s first ever Los Angeles Creative Jam! We had a blast presenting some new work and being inspired by some amazing LA-based talent. Thanks to Fitz Carlile Photography for the amazing photos capturing all the action at Smashbox Studios and our gracious hosts at Adobe for inviting us to participate. Visit Adobe to see when a Creative Jam is coming to a city near you. 

DKNG on Episode 213 of Adventures In Design

DKNG is on another episode of Adventures In Design! We talk about the sociology behind poster collecting, the irony of creating a successful infographic, and of course tips on efficiency with your daily workflow. In the bonus content we get a bit deeper, and talk about self validation as a professional creative and we discuss the use of the name "Tidwell" as a useful verb in our industry.

Listen to the first part of the episode by clicking the player below. You can download the bonus content of the show by becoming a member of the Circle Of Trust here

A Morning Interview with Adventure's In Design

We had the extreme pleasure of being guests on Adventures In Design's new morning show AID-AM, where Mark Brickey interviewed us on the creation of our ICON series. We dove in deep and discussed everything that it took from start to finish. Do yourself a favor and give it a listen, and be sure to check out the rest of AID's work on iTunes or their website.

ICON: 50 New Works by DKNG

We’re excited to announce a new series of work that’s been a few years in the making. On June 14, 2014, we opened our first ever solo show in Los Angeles at Gallery 1988 West. ICON is comprised of fifty 12” x 12” screen printed representations of iconic objects from some of our favorite films and tv shows. Each icon is a four color screen print with an edition size of 100 prints. The entire series goes on sale on July 15 in the DKNG store.

For a further description of the show, Peter Sciretta of /Film sums it up nicely:

"Every film has one. A signature prop, set, or location. Something that, in a single image, can represent the entire movie. The design team of Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman, also known as DKNG, call these images “Icons,” and they are the subject of their first ever solo show at Gallery 1988 West in Los Angeles.

The show, called simply ICON, is comprised of 50 pieces featuring iconic places and things from some of your favorite movies and TV shows of all time. Each piece is small – 12 inches square – and is of one thing that sums up an entire movie. And of course, each is done in DKNG’s distinctive bright, geometric yet detailed style.”