Mighty Ducks of Anaheim Anniversary Poster

It’s not often that the gig poster and sports worlds collide, so we were excited to take on a project for the Anaheim Ducks to commemorate their 25th season. The 10 poster series includes lots of great artists and for our contribution, we were asked to pay tribute to the team's ’03-’06 era purple & black jerseys. 

The 16” x 20” giclee posters are part of a limited run of 100 numbered prints, with all proceeds benefiting local Anaheim non-profits. Available at the Honda Center while supplies last, 20 of the posters will be signed by Ducks players. Check out the artwork above as well as our initial concept sketch below.

Initial Concept Sketch

Poster Signing

Dave Matthews Band Charlottesville Poster

It’s hard to believe, but Dave Matthews Band has been performing for 25 years, and we were honored to create the artwork for their 25th Anniversary show in Charlottesville, Virginia, where their career began. The design features the band’s original tour van in front of the John Paul Jones Arena, one of many Charlottesville venues that were home to the band’s early performances. 

Along with advertising for the show, the artwork is available as a limited edition poster. The poster is an 18” x 24” four-color screen print on French Kraft-Tone Index Off-White paper. Check out our initial sketch below along with closeup shots of the finished print, which is now available in the DKNG store.

Initial Concept Sketch

Layer-by-Layer Color Separations

Dave Matthews Band: 25th Anniversary Poster by DKNG

Promo Video

Close Up Shots

The Pink Panther 50th Anniversary Movie Poster

The Pink Panther 50th Anniversary Movie Poster by DKNG

We’re thrilled to have collaborated with Skuzzles and MGM for the first time on a limited edition Pink Panther poster to celebrate the film’s 50th Anniversary. Although the Pink Panther in the film refers to a stolen precious diamond, the animated character first appeared in the film’s main title sequence and went on to star in its own Saturday morning cartoons. The poster depicts the panther sneaking up on an unsuspecting Inspector Clouseau.

The Pink Panther is an 18” x 24” screen print available as a regular edition, four-color print on French Pop-Tone Cotton Candy paper and a variant edition, three-color print on Cougar White paper. Check out a few close up photos of the finished prints below as well as our original concept sketches. The Pink Panther goes on sale in the DKNG Store on January 26, at a random time.


Concept Sketches

Close Up Shots