Under Armour Summer Countdown Infographic

Our latest project for Under Armour is their 10-Point Summer Countdown to a Healthier You. We were tasked with designing and illustrating ten key tips for getting your summer off to a healthy start. You can also check out Under Armour’s coverage over on the My Fitness Pal Blog

Under Armour You Vs. The Year Infographic

We’re thrilled to have joined forces with Under Armour to help promote their You Vs. The Year challenge, taking place all 2018-long through their Map My Run platform. We crunched the data of more than 150,000 participants over the course of the first quarter of the year, and uncovered some mind boggling stats including the fact that the group covered over 23 million kilometers, enough to circle the earth 584 times! You can also check out Under Armour’s coverage over on the Map My Run Blog

Mondo Spider-verse Poster

After years in the making, we're excited to unveil our most recent collaboration with Mondo - two posters cataloging the history of the Spider-verse and the many incarnations of Spider-men, women, and characters that have existed throughout the history of the franchise. Both posters are timed editions that go on sale on Thursday, March 23, at 10am CST exclusively through the Mondo web store. The sale runs until Sunday, March 26, at 10am CST. The number of prints purchased during the three day sale will determine the edition size.

The regular edition (yellow) and variant edition (blue) each feature their own unique groupings of 64 characters from the Spider-verse with 75 unique characters across both posters. The regular edition is a seven color 24" x 36" screen print while the variant edition adds an eighth color and is also 24" x 36". Check out the video below introducing the posters as well as a gallery of all the Spideys below. You can also check out Alamo Drafthouse's blog Birth. Movies. Death. for an in depth look at the creation of the posters.

Introduction Video

Spider-verse Gallery

Click on the images below to get a close up look at any Spidey suit.

DKNG on Episode 213 of Adventures In Design

DKNG is on another episode of Adventures In Design! We talk about the sociology behind poster collecting, the irony of creating a successful infographic, and of course tips on efficiency with your daily workflow. In the bonus content we get a bit deeper, and talk about self validation as a professional creative and we discuss the use of the name "Tidwell" as a useful verb in our industry.

Listen to the first part of the episode by clicking the player below. You can download the bonus content of the show by becoming a member of the Circle Of Trust here

Jurassic Park Mondo Poster

With Jurassic World opening in theaters last week, Mondo Gallery in Austin opened their latest exhibition “When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth”, showcasing new works based on the Jurassic Park films. Our contribution to the show is a Velociraptor infographic, designed as if it existed within the park itself. The poster is packed with info specific to the Michael Crichton/Steven Spielberg version of the dinosaur which also makes an appearance in the latest film in the Jurassic series. 

"Jurassic Park: Velociraptor" is a 24” x 18” four color screen print on Curious Metallics Lustre paper with an artist edition of 60 prints. Check out our initial sketch below as well as closeup photos of the finished print. The poster is now available in the DKNG Store.


Concept Sketch

Close Up Shots

Info-Rama Baseball Infographic Poster

Info-Rama is an ongoing series of infographic posters covering a range of subjects, and we’re excited to be a part of the newly introduced sports line of prints. Our baseball infographic is available in two color ways and is packed with info on all aspects of the game including pitching mechanics, the strike zone, essential pitches, scoring, and the field of the play. The red version of the poster is a five color screen print on French Construction Fuse Green paper with an edition of 185. The blue version of the poster is a five color screen print on French Speckletone Oatmeal paper with an edition of 185. Both posters are now available in the DKNG Store and make the perfect Father’s Day gift for any dad with a passion for America’s pastime. Check out our initial sketch and closeup photos of the finished prints below. The rest of the Info-Rama line of infographics can be found at Info-Rama.


Concept Sketch

Close Up Shots