About Us

Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman were both drawn to music, film and design at an early age, but didn’t combine their talents until 2005 when the duo founded a design studio with the goal of fusing these creative avenues. The pair has found a niche in linking a personal and unique aesthetic to the world’s most talented and iconic musical artists, brands, and businesses.

With dynamically different skill sets ranging from fine art to film production, Dan and Nathan bring diverse talents and artistic perspectives to every project. DKNG strives to provide their clients with the image and recognition that they deserve.

What We Do

DKNG is a full service graphic design and illustration studio catering primarily to the entertainment industry. In addition, we also serve a wide range of independent and corporate clients. Our services include:

  • Identity Development

  • Print & Poster Design

  • Custom Illustration

  • Packaging Design

  • Apparel Design

  • Web Design & Development


Our Clients

  • Flight of the Conchords

  • Jack White

  • Phish

  • Portlandia

  • Van Morrison

  • Adam Carolla

  • Aziz Ansari

  • Bon Iver

  • Dave Matthews Band

  • Explosions In The Sky

  • The Black Keys

  • Eric Clapton

  • The National

  • The Swell Season

  • Outside Lands

  • Iron and Wine

  • Bonnaroo

  • Reggie Watts

  • Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers


The Company

What is DKNG?

DKNG stands for Dan Kuhlken & Nathan Goldman (Get it? It’s our initials). DKNG is a full service graphic design studio with a focus on the entertainment industry. We work directly with bands, venues, promoters and a range of independent and corporate clients.

What else you got?

Although our current clientele is primarily music industry related, we are always on the look out for other ventures. We design websites, ad campaigns, logos, and other visual media for a wide range of clients.

May I interview you?

We’ve completed a number of interviews in the past so we’ve included some of the more common questions and answers below. If you have anything specific you would like to ask, keep in mind given our busy schedule, providing detailed and thoughtful responses takes time, but we always do our best. Below are some links to previous interviews:


How did it all start off for you guys?

We went to high school together. We ran on the track team, became friends, and eventually decided to play music together and form a band. Once we went to college, we decided to continue collaborating creatively by working together in the design field. Nathan was working on the graphic design of an upcoming book for USC and Dan was interested in being involved. So Dan created illustrations for each chapter. After that we came across an opportunity to create posters for the Troubadour. We created three posters and asked if they would be interested in using them for their upcoming shows. They agreed to pay for the printing as long as we donated our designs. From there on out we created several more posters for the venue and built our portfolio.

What advice would you give designers who want to go out and start their own design business?

Portfolio first. Don’t start any business just because you have the tools and/or talent. You need finished product to prove your worth. We believe that most great business organically creates itself based off of one’s passion for their work. Don’t be afraid to work for free if it means it will lead to a stellar portfolio piece. But also don’t forget your worth. You really have to love what you do in order for it to love you back.

Can you give me a run through of your creative process?

Concept is key. We will spend up to several days discussing concepts before beginning work on a project. Concept is what brings “Something Pretty” to “Something Pretty Amazing.”

Once a solid concept is in place we will decide what parts of the project are best suited for our particular skill sets. Dan’s more of an illustrator/fine artist whereas Nathan usually focuses on the typography and graphic design. Together we will art direct the project to completion. We believe having two minds on a project really helps polish it to a solid execution.


Contacting Us

How much are your services?

Pricing design services is like giving the price of a car. It all depends on the details. What kind of car do you want? Will you be leasing or owning? How many test drives would you like before you commit? Just email us with as much information you can provide about your upcoming project and we will get back to you in a timely manner.

Do you offer jobs or internships?

Not at the moment. But feel free to send us a link to your work and we’d be happy to keep your info for when we decide to starting looking.

What if I just want to say hi?

We love discovering new people and hearing what they have to say. We’re hopeless “Promantics” so feel free to break the ice anytime

Our Posters

What is an official concert poster?

It’s an original poster, commissioned by the performing artist, for a concert or live event.

Are your posters screen printed?

Yes, our posters are limited edition screen prints that are signed and numbered. Once the edition sells out, it’s gone.

I see that the poster I want is sold out. So it’s seriously gone forever? Forever ever?

Well, you may be in luck. Sometimes we have extra posters available. So it doesn’t hurt to ask.