The Say Something Poster Project

Friends of DKNG,

This summer, a rare opportunity fell into our laps. We were asked to set the tone, both visually and literally, for a national poster design competition directed at inspiring youth.

Together with The Say Something Poster Project we developed the theme for this year's competition, This Way Forward, which asks you to consider the last 2 to 5 years and "say something" to help prepare the next generation for the future.

We created the branding, Call for Entries and entire web presence. At this point you're probably saying "Hey DKNG, how did you do all that and still crank out awesome posters?!" The answer is simple: time is always an issue but it is never an excuse.

We're sharing this with you now because we believe the better art and design submitted, the more successful the campaign will be. And the nice thing about this project is that winning posters are donated to a non-profit organization and permanently installed in their facility. Which means the best work goes to those that need it most. This year, posters will be donated to The Boys & Girls Club.

The competition is free to enter and offers some really cool prizes. Or course, we know why you design and it's the same reason we got involved - to make a difference.

Thanks so much for your continued support of DKNG.