William James Murray Art Print

Gallery 1988 kindly invited us to be an exhibiting artist in their latest group art show "Please Post Bills", a tribute to comedic legend Bill Murray. Being big fans of Murray's work, it was a difficult task deciding upon our favorite movie to feature as an art print, so we came up with the concept of creating one that represented his entire body of work in film.

We created individual icons that represent each film in the simplest, most conceptual way we could think of, listed from his most recent 2010 film "Passion Play" to his very first, "Shame of the Jungle" from 1975. Each icon is paired with the year in which the film was made. Feel free to take a close look by scrolling over the image above and see how many you can figure out. If you get stumped at any point we provided the title of each film at the bottom of the print.

The print is an 18"x24" four color screen print and has a limited edition of 200. A limited amount are available now on Gallery 1988's site. We will be releasing our allotment of prints in our online store in the coming week or so. Be sure to follow our social networks or join our mailing for when we announce the official release date. Below are some close up shots of the actual print.