Electric City Art Print

In May of 2013, we created a poster for Dave Matthews Band for their show in Scranton, Pennsylvania, paying homage to the city’s moniker, “The Electric City”.  We went for a semi-literal interpretation of that name by creating a skyline comprised of varying sizes and shapes of lightbulbs, while also including some of the city’s historic landmarks.  Seasoned Scranton historians will recognize the first-of-its-kind electric trolley system as well as the famed “Electric City” rooftop sign.

We’re now pleased to introduce the Electric City art print which is an 18″ x 24″, four color screen print on French Construction Blacktop paper.  The print is now available online in the DKNG Store.  Check out a few close-up photos of the poster below as well as our initial sketch of the concept.  You can also learn more about Scranton, PA in the video below.


Scranton: The Electric City



Dave Matthews Band // Scranton, PA Poster // By DKNG



"Electric City" art print by DKNG

"Electric City" art print by DKNG