Bottling Adam Carolla's 'Mangria'




Last year, we had the opportunity to work on a truly fun project that combined two of our passions, red wine and the comedic stylings of Adam Carolla.  As avid listeners to Adam's radio show and subsequent podcast, we were quite familiar with his concept of homemade "Mangria" in which Adam would take the remains of a bottle of red wine, add vodka, and finally a splash of orange juice to create his signature cocktail.

Adam decided to take his concoction to the masses by creating a commercially produced version (a potent 20.9% Sangria) and we were thrilled to be hired to create the label design for the bottle.  Now almost a year later, Adam has sold tens of thousands of bottles and will soon release Mangria White.

Check out images of the gold foil embossed label below and visit to enjoy your very own glass.