Okkervil River // Baltimore, MD Poster

↳ Click on or rollover the image above for a magnified view

Above is the poster we created for Okkervil River's recent show in Baltimore, Maryland.

The 24"x18" three color screen print has an edition of 100 and is available now in our online store. We plan on releasing an art print version of the poster in the near future. Below is a behind the scenes look into how we created the design.


Before any project Nathan and I discuss our concept in detail.  We decided as a tie-in to the venue's location, it would be cool to use a Baltimore Oriole as the main image. We did a little research to find a unique way to illustrate the bird and we liked the idea of using strict geometry as the main skeleton behind the final piece.

In school I excelled in two subjects, art and math. I thought it was a weird combo at the time, but as it turns out, math often comes in handy in design and illustration. After playing around with some sketches we came up with the concept below.


Using primarily circles, we found a creative way to represent the Oriole. Our sketch came to life using vector shapes in illustrator. Our original intent was to just use one bird in the design, but after experimenting we found that adding a second, reversed bird gave the design a whole new level of execution.


Once the main illustration was complete, we moved onto creating custom typography. Our goal was to create type that contained hard edged geometric elements as a compliment to the illustration. Below is a process video of the design along with some close up shots of the physical print.