This Is Spinal Tap // Crazy 4 Cult Poster

↳ Click on or rollover the image above for a magnified view

This year we had the privilege of participating in Gallery 1988's first NYC edition of their famed Crazy 4 Cult exhibition, in which dozens of artists present their take on cult films.  This year we chose one of our favorites, Spinal Tap, as the subject of our submission. We knew we didn't want to approach the project as a traditional movie poster but rather pay homage to the film in a more subliminal way that would resonate with die hard fans.

↳ Spinal Tap performs at Kobe Hall in Tokyo, Japan

We opted to focus on the famous volume knob turned to "11" on Nigel's amp as well as the final scene of the movie where the band plays to a packed house in Tokyo, Japan.  The Japanese characters on the poster do indeed translate to "Spinal Tap" or perhaps "Spinal Puncture" depending on who you ask. Thanks again to Jensen and Katie and everyone at Gallery 1988 for inviting us to participate.

The 24"x18" one color screen printed poster will be available for purchase in our online store September 2, 2012. Below are some close up shots of the physical print.