Support Your Local Artist - Fugscreen Studios & GrooveSession

If you've ever bought something from us or been to any of our live shows, you've probably seen our "Support Your Local Artist" stickers. Well, here's and opportunity to show some local artist love.

Above are two Kick Starter videos to some pretty cool cats. The first one is for Fugscreen Studios, a Chicago based screen printing studio. They are prepping to open their own store and gallery space and they need a little help to get everything up and running. You can check out their Kick Starter campaign here.

The second video is for the Inland Empire's one and only GrooveSession. Their music is really kick ass. They've created a number of studio albums, but what make their next album so special is that it's their first official live album. Seeing them live is really what sets them apart from other bands. So they want to produce their best album ever, and this is where you come in. So if you love live funk music, and need a reason to make sure it stays alive, send some love to GrooveSession on their Kick Starter page here.