The Say Something Poster Project

Above is my poster design submission for "The Say Something Poster Project." The project is a design competition and gallery show created to give designers the opportunity to use poster design to say something that will inspire, motivate and educate teenage kids.

This year 10 winning posters will be donated to "The Home for Little Wanderers," a nationally renowned, private, non-profit child and family service agency. Their mission is to ensure the healthy emotional, mental and social development of children at risk, their families, and communities. The winning posters will be permanently installed in their facility, helping transform the environment with engaging imagery.

You can view the full gallery and vote on your favorite posters at

Here's a video about the project:

Below is a close up image and my inspiration for my submission:

I've come to notice that the more time and hard work I dedicate to my passion, the more fortunate I become, and I truly believe that the best things in life come from facing challenges head-on. The idea behind this design is to inspire others to give themselves this very opportunity. I wanted the design to give a positive message from whatever distance the poster is viewed. From afar the two hearts mimic the shapes of arrows to convey the idea of mutual understanding and the concept of push and pull. From a closer vantage point, the viewer will notice the perfect circle created by the intersection of the hearts and the words "love back", applying concept to the imagery. When viewed closer still, the full message becomes legible: "Love what you do & it will love you back."