Less is more - 10 face melting minimalist designs

↳ Myth Busters by Ty Mattson

Minimalism is an art in and of itself. From an outside perspective, the final execution of great minimalism may seem like the easiest form of design. However, in my experience the time I've spent focusing on the minute and completely necessary arrangements of a minimalist design can take just as long a complex illustration. In my opinion, a solid concept and a strategic use of as few elements as possible will lead to a beautifully executed and iconic image. This post contains a collection of minimalist posters and advertisements from artists who have focused their design based off of character's facial features. Some pretty inspiring stuff. Enjoy.

↳ Mahatma Gandhi by Ali Jabbar

↳ Larry King by Ali Jabbar

↳ The Terminator by Christopher Conner

↳ The Blues Brothers by Saul Bass

↳ Hitler or Chaplin? It's the Hat by Hut Weber

↳ The Flight of the Conchords - Artist Unknown

↳ V For Vendetta - Artist Unknown

↳ Sabotage - Beastie Boys by Federico Mancosu

↳ Thriller - Michael Jackson by Federico Mancosu