About Us

Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman were both drawn to music, film and design at an early age, but didn’t combine their talents until 2005 when the duo founded a design studio with the goal of fusing these creative avenues. The pair has found a niche in linking a personal and unique aesthetic to the world’s most talented and iconic musical artists, brands, and businesses.

With dynamically different skill sets ranging from fine art to film production, Dan and Nathan bring diverse talents and artistic perspectives to every project. DKNG strives to provide their clients with the image and recognition that they deserve.

What We Do

DKNG is a full service graphic design and illustration studio catering primarily to the entertainment industry. In addition, we also serve a wide range of independent and corporate clients. Our services include:

  • Identity Development
  • Print & Poster Design
  • Custom Illustration
  • Packaging Design
  • Apparel Design
  • Web Design & Development

Select Clients

Process Videos

We take pride in our process. We also think it's important to share how we get things done. Over the past couple years we've created "Process Videos" which feature timelapse footage of the creation of our work from start to finish. 

Each video covers approximately 40 hours of design time and includes work in Illustrator, Photoshop, and occasionally our screen printing process. Follow us on Vimeo to be informed of our next video release.