Art Print

Rocketeer Art Print Series

The new Rocketeer series of art prints explores three different planets, each with its own atmosphere, spacecraft, and solar system. Each print is a 16” x 20” four-color screen print on French Construction 100 lb cover stock. Included in the series are Europa on Nightshift Blue paper, Orion on Paver Red paper, and Aquarius on Timber Green paper. 

Initial Concept Sketches

Process Video

Close Up Shots

DKNG Mystery Tube

The first ever DKNG Mystery Tube Sale is here! You’ve tried the rest, now try the best! Each tube will contain a combination of 5 random posters and art prints for the low price of $30. Mystery tubes may contain “scratch & dent” prints filled with character that perfect prints just don’t have. But don’t worry, all prints that make their way into mystery tubes are still wholesome enough to take home to mom and make their way into frames. 

DKNG + Adobe MAX Collaborative Poster

We’ll be creating a limited edition poster that our friends at Mama’s Sauce will be screenprinting live at Adobe MAX in October, and we want you to collaborate with us using Adobe Shape CC. We’ll be using some of the contributed artwork in a final poster design with the theme of “What inspires you to create?”

Visit the Adobe website for complete entry instructions. Mama’s Sauce will print a limited edition of 3,500 of these posters which will be available at Adobe MAX on October 5th, or shipped directly to you if you’re one of the first 100 people to submit a shape. In fact, we’ll be live printing one of the colors onsite at MAX, so if you’re attending, you can print your own copy on the spot!

Xbox '30 Years of Rare' Poster

We're thrilled to have collaborated with iam8bit Gallery and Microsoft to create a commemorative print for the release of Rare’s new Rare Replay collection of 30 of their classic video and arcade games celebrating Rare’s 30th Anniversary of game development. The print made its debut at San Diego ComicCon and is now available in the DKNG Store. It’s an 18” x 24" five color screen print on French Construction Whitewash 100 lb paper with a super limited artist edition of 25 prints. Check out our initial sketch below, a key detailing the 30 games featured in the print, and close up photos of the finished poster.

Initial Concept Sketch

Poster Key

Close Up Shots

Wildlife Art Print Series

Our new series of wildlife art prints is now available as 12” x 12” screen prints with four animals to choose from. Tiger, Bear, Lion, and Wolf are all three color screen prints on French Paper Co.’s new Kraft Manila paper. Check out close up photos of the series below as well as our series of posters for Ben Harper that inspired the new prints. The wildlife art print series is now available in the DKNG Store.


Close Up Shots

Penny Farthing Art Print

As promised, our Decemberists Berkeley poster is now an art print with some new additions including a top hat and flowers. The new print is a 16” x 20" three color screen print on French Speckletone Kraft paper signed by DKNG. Check out our initial sketch below along with close up photos of the finished print. Penny Farthing is now available in the DKNG Store.

Close Up Shots

Dreamcatcher Art Print

Based on our Alabama Shakes Berkeley poster, Dreamcatcher is a 16” x 20” one color screen print on French Construction Night Shift Blue paper. The poster features metallic bronze ink which can be seen in the closeup photos below, as well as our initial concept sketch. Dreamcatcher is now available in the DKNG Store.

Close Up Shots

DKNG on Episode 213 of Adventures In Design

DKNG is on another episode of Adventures In Design! We talk about the sociology behind poster collecting, the irony of creating a successful infographic, and of course tips on efficiency with your daily workflow. In the bonus content we get a bit deeper, and talk about self validation as a professional creative and we discuss the use of the name "Tidwell" as a useful verb in our industry.

Listen to the first part of the episode by clicking the player below. You can download the bonus content of the show by becoming a member of the Circle Of Trust here

Kingdom Art Prints

Our print addition, Kingdom, has now been rereleased in our online store. The split fountain screen prints come in two color ways: "Night" printed on 100lb French Speckletone Chocolate paper and "Day" printed on 100lb French Speckletone Madero Beach paper.

Both prints are sized at 12"x12", the same size as a record, which is a standard frame size. Best of all they only cost $20 each and are now available in our online store.