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Seven Saturdays “Secret Things” Official Music Video

September 30th, 2010 // Posted by Dan in Blog, DKNG News, Music, Music Video

Our good friend and client Jonathan Haskell’s (Seven Saturdays) “Secret Things” official music video, directed by Jacob Cooney for the release of The Shallow End LP on Moorworks (Japan) on October 6, 2010. “Secret Things” also appears on Seven Saturdays’ eponymous EP, self-released 01/12/10 (which was designed by yours truly, check it out here). Produced by Tough

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New Sleepy Sun Poster

September 29th, 2010 // Posted by Dan in Blog, DKNG News, DKNG Work, Poster

Ladies and gentleman, please meet the Sleepy Sun poster, our latest addition to the poster portfolio. This 18″x24″ three color beauty (one of which is metallic silver) was hand screen printed by Danny Askar. It’s a signed and numbered limited edition of 100. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to Sleepy Sun, we highly recommend it. Their sound was …

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VOTW: Wizard Smoke by Liam Mitchell

September 28th, 2010 // Posted by Brad in Blog, Film, Video

For an activity so deeply rooted in videography, there’s a surprising lack of aesthetic experimentation in skateboarding, methinks. Runner-up for LA’s Skate Film Festival Liam Mitchell has the right idea with his short film “Wizard Smoke”. I would have loved to be at the concept meeting for this film…”How about we cover everything in chalk and make it slow motion?” …

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VOTW: Air Music Video “Sing Sang Sung”

September 27th, 2010 // Posted by Dan in Animation, Blog, Music Video, Video

I’ve always loved this video and just never got the chance to share it on this blog. I guarantee you will love it too.

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New DKNG web project – Local Lowdown

September 20th, 2010 // Posted by Dan in Blog, Design, DKNG Work

We recently created a website for our good friend Jax Austin called, an online travel show about what the locals in the Los Angeles area do for fun. The host, Jax himself, shows the viewer what travel guides are missing out on. Take a look at Jax’s hard work and spread the word of this fun and exciting …

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VOTW: Harry Nilsson’s “The Point” is the greatest children’s story ever told

September 19th, 2010 // Posted by Brad in Animation, Blog

In honor of the new Harry Nilsson documentary, this weeks video is a selection from Nilsson’s infamous animated “children’s” story, The Point, which is about…well, I’m not even gonna try to explain it. This is truly what Children’s entertainment should be: weird, whimsical, frequently terrifying, and equally enjoyable to adults both on and off drugs (but mostly on). …

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Print Media Will Never Die. (Okay, maybe it will but it’s still good for some stuff.)

September 10th, 2010 // Posted by Brad in Animation, Blog, Inspiration, Stop Motion, Video

Here’s a gem from undiscovered stop-animation wiz Tilles Singer.

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Far, Far Away

September 9th, 2010 // Posted by Brad in Blog, Design, Inspiration, Poster

Hey, check out these radical Star Wars prints designed by Andy Helms. You can buy them individually for your favorite film (expect the “Empire Strikes Back” posters to go quick), or you can buy the whole set (prequels not included). I think I’ll encase mine in carbonite to keep them mint. Printed on 8.5″‘-11″, Ewok-safe Epson Velvet Art Paper. …

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New Seven Saturdays EP

September 1st, 2010 // Posted by Dan in Blog, DKNG Work, Music

We recently designed the packaging for Seven Saturdays’ new EP “The Snowflakes That Hit Us Became Our Stars.” Below is a sample of our work along with a SoundCloud player with Seven Saturday’s new tunes. Enjoy.

↳ EP cover design

↳ EP package design

↳ Band splash page design

To learn more about Seven Saturdays go to SEVENSATURDAYSMUSIC.COM

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